Welcome to the unparalleled world of learning at By Serenity PRO, where we redefine the educational experience for beauty professionals. Our commitment goes beyond traditional training; we focus on cultivating a vibrant community that empowers beauty professionals to not only enhance their skills but also elevate their businesses to new heights.


At By Serenity PRO, we recognize that success in the beauty industry is a multifaceted journey, and our approach is centered on building a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Our cornerstone is the belief that a strong community fosters growth, and with this philosophy, we have created a dynamic space where beauty professionals come together to share knowledge, experiences, and insights. By leveraging the power of community, By Serenity PRO goes beyond conventional training, offering a holistic approach that encompasses skill development, marketing strategies, and business understanding.


Our training programs are designed to cater to the diverse needs of beauty professionals, focusing not only on multiple extension installation techniques but also on the essential aspects of marketing, branding, and business establishment. We understand that each professional has unique goals and aspirations, which is why our courses are tailor-made to provide a personalized learning experience.


Our instructor, Serenity, guides you through informative sessions and real-world scenarios, ensuring that you not only master the techniques but also gain the confidence to apply them in a salon setting.


However, our commitment to your success doesn't stop there. Recognizing the importance of marketing and branding in the beauty industry, By Serenity PRO integrates comprehensive modules dedicated to these vital aspects of building a thriving beauty business.

Learn the art of creating a unique brand identity, reaching your target audience through effective marketing strategies, and establishing a strong online presence.

Our commitment to making learning comfortable for everyone remains steadfast. We are dedicated to providing high-quality educational experiences that are both engaging and effective. Your experienced instructor is always available to support you, ensuring that you have the resources and guidance you need to succeed.

We are continuously improving our training program and exploring new ways to enhance your educational experience.

Come and experience the unique learning environment that By Serenity PRO has precisely crafted. Join a community of like-minded beauty professionals, where collaboration, support, and innovation thrive.

Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting your journey in the beauty industry, By Serenity PRO is your partner in achieving success.